Summer Diet – Nutrients of Importance

Summer is a time of transition for many people. Seasons are changing, children are out of school, work schedules are altered, and outdoor activities and events are frequent. It is very easy to fall off track
when it comes to nutrition and many people end up feeling defeated and frustrated along the way.
The heat hampers a lot of your work and affects your eating habits as well. With temperature soaring only upwards you feel dehydrated and low on energy and your body constantly looks out for ways to
cool it. In all this summer diet has an important role to play.
Here are some summer diet tips for you to keep the body cool and energy levels high.
Summer Nutrition Basics:
• Hydrate!!! Consume more liquids (water, coconut water etc.)
• Eat more raw foods & salads
• Slice of watermelon. A handful of berries. A glass of iced tea. These are all classic summer time foods, and as it turns out, they’re also great choices to keep you healthy.
• Eat lots of raw fruits/veggies (lots of salads).
• Eat lighter and become more active.
• Eating more fruits and vegetables will help prevent you from developing any vitamin and mineral deficiencies but these are foods that also contain antioxidants and phytonutrients — compounds that may also help protect you against heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, high
blood pressure and obesity, among other conditions.
• Use garlic, turmeric, & citrus juices generously in your marinade for added health benefit.
• Plan for leftovers and incorporate them into subsequent meal
• Identify your goals and customize the Max-Living Nutrition Plans to stay healthy and enjoy your summer.
• For the best health outcomes, to lose weight, or to battle a specific health condition, follow the advanced plan throughout the summer. It just requires a bit more planning and shopping.
• If you are in good overall health and want to maintain a healthy weight, keep hormones balanced and prevent disease, follow the core plan throughout the summer.
• Eating foods that are local and in season offer more freshness, flavor and nutritional value. Try to incorporate these into your meals each week.
Here are some great Food “in season” summer foods:
Curd or Yogurt
Curd is a wonderful coolant. You can be consumed in various forms like as refreshing buttermilk, a glass of lassi or in the form of raita along with the meal. To make yummy desserts out of it, hang it in a muslin
cloth to drain excess water and add cut fruits and little sugar.
It contains good amount of probiotics that helps in digestion and improve your immunity.

Coconut Water
Coconut is full of health benefits and has amazing cooling properties. It is loaded with simple sugars,
electrolytes and minerals which help keep the body in keeping well hydrated and nourished.
Watermelon & Melons
These are fruits where which is full of water. They are very cool in nature and fill you up without giving a
heavy feeling in the stomach. Just refrain from not eating these fruits which are pre-cut and sold on the
road side as they may carry risk of infection.
This salad vegetable is full of fiber and water and hence will keep you hydrated and help in keeping
constipation at bay. Add lots of it in your salads or eat them just like that during the day when you feel
like munching something. Sprinkled with light salt, pepper and lime, it is a good substitute for anytime
summer snack.
Mint is an easily available and an inexpensive herb which you can be used in chutneys, raitas, dips and
making refreshing cooling drinks. Because of its refreshing and cool taste, it is a staple in several summer
Onions have incredible cooling properties. They already are a must have in our curries, raitas, salads and
chutneys, which will help in keeping the body cool. Onions can also provide protection against
Lime water
Good old nimbu paani or fresh lime is high on freshness quotient and an all-time favorite healthy
summer drink. You can have it salted or sweet with a dash of cumin powder and mint to beat the heat.
Try these summer diet and nutrition tips and stay cool in summer.
All berries are packed full of the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals your body needs to enjoy
optimum health. These include vitamins A, C, E, K, B1, B2 and B6, as well as folic acid, potassium, zinc,
calcium and iron. Most berries, in particular blackberries, redcurrants, blackcurrants, gooseberries,
raspberries, strawberries, Blueberries contain high quantities of phytonutrients. Phytonutrients are
found in concentrated levels in the peel or skin of fruits and vegetables, and research has suggested that
phytonutrients offer powerful nutrition and health benefits.
To live healthy & happy, one must keep a check on the body’s functioning by going for regular health
checkups. This helps in assessing risk factors and diagnosing diseases at an early stage, which will result
in effective treatment and better management of the condition.

Stay healthy & happy!

Disclaimer: This article contains general information only. It is not a substitute for the advice of a qualified medical practitioner. For any exclusive diet plan for any specific individual, consulting a qualified Nutritionist is recommended.