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Whether you want to lose weight, improve your health, or get the optimum benefits from the foods you eat, we will help you achieve your goal.

We don’t just hand you a diet plan. We will work with you in your weight loss journey or following a healthy

lifestyle so healthy eating fits with who you are, what foods you enjoy, and how you live your life. Many diets impose their way of eating. We show our clients how to make healthy eating a way of life, without disrupting their lifestyle.

Nutrition Consultation (one time consultation)
Fill the query form along with your personal details and our registered dietitian will prepare your diet plan basis your likes, lifestyle and medical needs and goals, provide a body fat analysis, and recommend you next steps.
Nutrition Counseling Packages (1 month / 2 month / 3 month / 6 month / 1 year)
We offer several counseling packages that provide dietary and body analysis, nutrition education, personalized meal plans, progress tracking, and lifestyle and skills support over a series of consultations with our dietitian.
Buddy System (10% Discount on any package)
This program offers spouses, family members, partners and friends and the opportunity to experience the education session together while each receiving personalized diet plans. You can also choose to combine your follow up sessions or have them done individually. It is a great way to support each other during this journey. If you decided to both purchase a package, you will receive 10% off of each package.
Weight Maintenance (6 and 12 consultations)
Weight loss is considered successful after a full year of maintaining your goal weight. We recommend a monthly follow-up appointment to help you stay on track and achieve long-term results.

What We Do

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Corporate Wellness & Weight Loss Programs
Please inquire for program options.
Guest Lecture on any Nutrition topic
Please contact us to answer your questions about any of our services.

Customized Health Packages

Check our customized nutrition packages. You can buy the one that suits you the best.