Green Tea – health in every sip

We all know the healthy and nutritious foods nature has provided us, thanks to the technology but still behave so much reluctant to include or make such foods part of our daily diets. One simple thing which anyone can introduce in their daily eating pattern without disturbing or changing the routine is the inclusion of “Green tea” in their diet.

As normally mentioned by Doctors and Nutritionists that intake of tea / coffee should be limited but the case is not the same when it comes to intake of green tea. With green tea you get the liberty to have as many cups as you want. Coming to the health benefits it brings with it are countless, whether it is skin, immunity, protection against degenerative diseases like cardiovascular diseases, obesity, cancer and also helps in protecting against arthritis and keeps one hydrated. Many studies have shown that Green tea is also very helpful in reducing weight by having an effect on fats in the blood stream and in the tissues.

The key component of green tea which offers so many health benefits includes vitamin C, catechins, vitamin B complex, flavonoids and vitamin E. Green tea has vitamin C in amounts comparable to lemon, vitamins and bioflavonoids comparable to green vegetable and buckwheat respectively, beta – carotene comparable to spinach and carrots. Green tea polyphenols are potent free radical scavengers due to the hydroxyl groups in their chemical structure which can form complexes with free radicals in the body and helps in preventing progression of disease process.

The sum of the curative and preventive health benefits of green tea tends to indicate a healthier and longer life. And we can say that “Green tea is the cure to all health conditions”.