Weight Management

Diet plus Health follows a synergistic approach of Nutrition to achieve a Healthy Lifestyle.

“Eating well is the key to good health”

The Diet plans here are

  • Healthy: Promotes “Health For All” during different phases of life to achieve healthy BMI & Body Composition. Also helps to cater with different therapeutic conditions.
  • Easy : Manage Weight…Avoid Hunger, Myths, Surgery
  • Tasty: Appealing to suit one’s taste buds & therapeutic requirement.

Imagine Having The Body You've Always Wanted....

  • Nutritionally balanced diet for healthy body composition
  • More flexibility for today’s lifestyle
  • Diet programmes in improving Biochemical parameters
  • Weigh Loss - No longer a life long battle

Easy To Manage Weight…Avoid Hunger, Drugs, Surgery, Myths

  • Easily accessible
  • Burn more calories than you consume
  • No Compromises on your Taste buds
  • Personalised Diet Plan

Easily accessible

Diet on your Screen: One can easily access to diet by registering themselves online.
Loosing weight Gaining Health Is Easy With Diet Plus Health: We believe in the concept Burn more calories than you consume. We follow the easiest method to join diet & flexibility. Now one can go for variety of cuisine & dish by just balancing his / her intake with physical activity. Diet plus Health never asks you to go for rigid & stressful exercise but exercise which anyone can perform without difficulty keeping in mind your therapeutic needs as well.

Personalised Diet Plan : We believe in “Constant Motivation” through diet & experts. Our professionals personally focus on individual diet plan keeping in mind the lifestyle & therapeutic needs. They spend maximum time to understand the clients & then get to the conclusion.

No Compromises on your Taste buds You must have observed one tends to leave a particular diet within few weeks due to rigid programmes, which are difficult to follow for long run. But we plan Balanced nutritious diet without compromising on your taste buds.

Your Health – Your Choices & Taste !!

  • Not a “Starvation Diet”
  • Appealing Menu

Not a “Starvation Diet” : Word Crash Dieting or Starving does not exist in Diet plus Health. We believe in catering with diiferent therapeutic needs at different age groups through Balanced, Nutrient Dense Diet.

Appealing Menu: We believe in simple recipes to help make therapeutic conditions & losing weight easy & enjoyable. We believe that Dozens of mouthwatering recipes can be scrumptious without two tons of fat or sugar.

Maintaining weight

  • Once you have achieved your weight loss goal, maintaining your lower body weight can be a challenge
  • The key to weight maintenance is to continue with the healthy lifestyle changes you have adopted
  • Staying on a healthy diet and aiming for 60 – 90 minutes of physical activity most days of the week will help you maintain your lower weight
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