Diet plus Health Clinic is a personalized online Nutrition Consultancy. We are able to bring the clinic to you during your busy schedule and time of need.

Diet plus Health Clinic educates and work with individuals and groups who strive for a balance between a busy schedule and nutritious eating. We understand the challenges which exist in our everyday lives that make it difficult to stay on track with a well balanced diet. That is why we focus on providing practical advice and attainable goals for all our clients.

We provide a variety of services but we specialize in Weight Management and Medical Nutrition Therapy

All phases of life:Diet plus Health programs caters to different phases of life and to everyones dietary requirements.
Pregnancy & lactation: Remember it is not a disease nor a disorder, but a beautiful experience which is special to every woman. But due to various myths about eating, they tend to gain excess of weight, which could further lead to various problems. To avoid such complications, we provide helping hands through nutrient dense, convenient and tasty diet plans.

Nutrition plays an important role during pregnancy as well as post delivery. Get Rid Off Post Delivery Weight gain

Diet plus Health programs helps in getting back to shape post delivery and takes care of the nutritional needs both pre and post delivery.

Children: Healthy eating & active living is very important for proper growth of your child. What we are observing in today’s scenario the prevalence of child obesity in India. It has drastically increased in recent times.
Diet plus Health aims, build & choose good health for your child by trying to overcome eating disorder. Adolescence: Diet plus Health helps you to invest in Health for Better Today & Tomorrow. This is the age where one tends to do lot of mistakes in order to control weight or to look better. To avoid such circumstances, we help you to balance your eating habits with physical activity.

Adults: Remember you are never too old to improve your bad habits. Eating healthy & getting active means you are less likely to develop chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension, cardiac, osteoporosis, arthritis) at any age.

Ageing: diet plus health add life to years. You are encouraged to consume a nutritionally balanced, nutrient dense diet containing a variety of foods in moderation.